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Dance of Desire

February 15, 2010 by  
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DANCE OF DESIRE is the story based on the Celtic Legends of Erin……

In the land before time began, a land of ancient gods, of high Kings and warrior Queens, a King’s love for his children brought down a terrible curse on them which held them in bondage for 900 years. When the wife of the De Danann King Lir died, he married her sister Aoife. Because of his love for his four children their stepmother became insanely jealous and plotted a terrible revenge.

Lir protected his children from evil with the magic Sword Of Light. The bearer of the Sword bestowed absolute power.

But the evil Aoife watched and waited and in time stole the magic Sword from the King. With its magical powers she changed the children into the swans and condemned them to an eternity of suffering in ocean waters. The King, powerless to help, could do nothing to save his children from the turbulent seas as without the sword his magical powers lay dormant.

At the time the De Danann were the rulers of Ireland, they were a magical people but were to lose their kingdom to new invaders called the Milesians. They were in search of their Island Of Destiny and were about to challenge the domination of the Tuatha De Danann and become the founding fathers of the mighty Celtic kingdom of Erin. Having witnessed the misfortune of Lir, the invaders sought to return his children to the Island of Youth and help banish the Queen Aoife forever. This could only be possible with the help of the Sword of Light, which they first had to win back.

When a Milesian princess fell in love with one of Aoife’s servants the story was to change dramatically forever. Little did she realise the astonishing secret the servant held deep inside.

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